Sunday, April 15, 2012

Product Review: Sally Hansen Naturally Bare Creme Hair Remover For Body

I have been blessed with thick, luxurious hair on my head, legs, arms, and bikini area. While it's fine on my head, I don't appreciate it on the rest of me. I resort to shaving most of the time, and just living with the man-hair on my arms. Occasionally I've tried to lighten it, but it's a long process and doesn't yield the best results. Depilatories are so harsh and have left me with terribly painful rashes whenever I've used them. Even on my legs, but especially my bikini area including those formulated for "sensitive" skin.

I was tickled when I found Sally Hansen Naturally Bare Cream Hair Remover For Body. The reviews all said it was gentle even on the most sensitive skin. I figured I'd give it a go and try it out. I did my arms first; something I've never done. My arms are now smooth and I only felt the slightest burning after a minute, but that went away as soon as it came off. It took my arm hair off in under three minutes, and there was not residual redness or any hint of a rash. They stayed pretty smooth for about three days; I could have gone longer, but since I was ready to try it on my bikini area and the back of my upper thighs (another trouble spot), I did my arms again. The arms tingled a little more...that could be because I've been dry-brushing to help clear up keratosis pilaris so my skin is slightly raw. My thighs felt fine. No clue I had put anything on them. Bikini area: HOLY COW WHERE'S THE FIRE HOSE? I could not get it off fast enough. The good news is that even for the minute or so I managed to hang on with my bikini line, it did take off a significant amount of hair. All other hair came off with ease.

It comes with this nifty little plastic scraper that you use to scrape the cream off and it takes the hair too. It is really thick and kind of gritty, but doesn't not have that chemical stink like other depilatories. So that's another plus. I will continue to use it; just not on my bikini area. I do not think it is available in stores any longer; I ordered it off of Amazon.

Bottom line: A+ for everywhere except the tenders.

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